Pricing Games Played
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8411K Sep. 17 Double Prices L Range Game W Pay the Rent W Cliff Hangers W Most Expen$ive W Money Game L
8412K Sep. 18 Plinko P One Wrong Price L Triple Play L Check Game L Let 'em Roll W Side By Side W
8413K Sep. 19 Secret "X" W Any Number W Balance Game W Squeeze Play L That's Too Much! W Time i$ Money L
8414K Sep. 20 Golden Road P Push Over L Take Two L Pathfinder L Switch? W Vend-O-Price W
8415K Sep. 21 1 Right Price W Grand Game L Dice Game L Bonus Game W Freeze Frame W Lucky $even W
8421K Sep. 24 Switch? L Card Game W Pick-a-Pair W Flip Flop W That's Too Much! L Hot Seat L
8422K Sep. 25 Range Game W Danger Price L Hole in One L Safe Crackers L Squeeze Play L Spelling Bee L
8423K Sep. 26 Lucky $even W Most Expen$ive L Punch a Bunch P Double Prices W Check-Out L Line em Up W
8425K Sep. 28 One Away L Clock Game W Secret "X" W Freeze Frame L Pass the Buck P Bargain Game W
8431K Oct. 1 Money Game L Do the Math W Hi Lo W 1/2 Off W Push Over W Most Expen$ive L
8432K Oct. 2 Side By Side L Cover Up L Time i$ Money L Balance Game L 1 Right Price W Pathfinder W
8433K Oct. 3 Five Price Tags L Flip Flop L Magic # L Pocket Change L Vend-O-Price L Pick-a-Number L
8434K Oct. 4 Shopping Spree W Dice Game L Now….or Then W Switch? L Gas Money P Plinko P
8435K Oct. 5 Pay the Rent L Squeeze Play L Lucky $even L 2 for the Price of 1 W Double Prices L Rat Race L
8441K Oct. 11 Let 'em Roll L Bargain Game W Bonkers L 1/2 Off W Balance Game L Eazy az 1-2-3 L
8442K Oct. 9 Vend-O-Price L Switch? W Line em Up L Hot Seat P Coming or Going W Money Game W
8443K Oct. 10 Range Game L Flip Flop W Plinko P Double Prices W Any Number W Pick-a-Pair W
8444K Oct. 8 Do the Math W Freeze Frame W Master Key W One Wrong Price W Lucky $even W Hole in One L
8445K Oct. 12 Grand Game P Bonus Game L Check-Out L Bullseye W Cliff Hangers W Pass the Buck L
8451K Oct. 15 3 Strikes L Most Expen$ive L Grocery Game L Dice Game W Coming or Going L Secret "X" L
8452K Oct. 16 Punch a Bunch P Push Over L Card Game L Hi Lo L Cover Up W Switch? W
8453K Oct. 17 Eazy az 1 2 3  L Money Game L Grand Game  P Check Game W Pocket Change L Bargain Game W
8454K Oct. 18 Pick-a-Number W Make Your Move L More or Less W Do the Math L Time i$ Money P That's Too Much! L
8455K Oct. 19 Safe Crackers L Switcheroo L Side By Side L Squeeze Play W Pick-a-Pair L Temptation L
8461K Nov. 12 Plinko P One Wrong Price L Cover Up L Flip Flop L Magic # W Pass the Buck W
8462K Sep. 21 Dice Game W Bargain Game W Check-Out L Lucky $even W Shell Game L Pick-a-Number L
8463K Nov. 14 Most Expen$ive W Spelling Bee W Double Cross L Now….or Then W Squeeze Play W One Away L
8464K Nov. 15 That's Too Much! L Side By Side W 1/2 Off P Take Two W Push Over W Hole in One W
8465K Nov. 16 Coming or Going W Swap Meet L Secret "X" L Do the Math W Money Game L It's in the Bag P
8471K Oct. 29 2 for the Price of 1 L That's Too Much! L Vend-O-Price L Side By Side L Any Number W Punch a Bunch P
8472K Oct. 30 Flip Flop W Pay the Rent L Card Game W Bargain Game W Cliff Hangers W Line em Up L
8473K Oct. 31 Danger Price L Double Prices W Rat Race W Pick-a-Number W Money Game W Bullseye W
8474K Nov. 1 Switch? W Let 'em Roll P Bonkers L Plinko P Coming or Going W Pocket Change L
8475K Nov. 2 Lucky $even L Do the Math L It's in the Bag L Squeeze Play W Five Price Tags W Range Game W
8481K Nov. 5 1 Right Price W Check-Out W Balance Game W Make Your Move L Hot Seat L Money Game L
8482K Nov. 6 Pick-a-Pair L Coming or Going L Temptation L Double Cross W Master Key P Range Game W
8483K Nov. 7 Cover Up W Most Expen$ive W Time i$ Money P Cliff Hangers L Do the Math W Gas Money W
8484K Nov. 8 Side By Side W Card Game W Race Game P Bonus Game W Push Over W Pass the Buck P
8485K Nov. 9 1/2 Off W Squeeze Play L More or Less W Grocery Game L That's Too Much! W Bargain Game W
8491K Oct. 22 Grand Game L Eazy az 1 2 3 L Dice Game L Freeze Frame W Switch? L Rat Race P
8492K Oct. 23 One Wrong Price W Lucky $even L Plinko P Clock Game P Hole in One W Push Over L
8493K Oct. 24 Golden Road P Vend-O-Price W 1 Right Price W Switcheroo L Swap Meet W Flip Flop L
8494K Oct. 25 Punch a Bunch P Double Prices L One Away L Balance Game L Do the Math L Stack the Deck L
8495K Oct. 26 Money Game L Safe Crackers W Hi Lo L Pick-a-Number W Take Two W Spelling Bee P