Comments for the Week of January 2-6
  • Biggest winner this week: Stephanie Johnson ($104,346) (January 6) - Stephanie is the third biggest winner in daytime history (and the fourth contestant to win over $100,000).
  • Total amount won by the celebrity contestants this week: $235,534
  • $470,728 in cash and prizes was won by the (non-celebrity) contestants this week. That's the most won in one week since Bob's final week ($568,903 on the week of June 11-15, 2007).
  • $121,281 was won on Monday and $116,987 was won on Friday - the second and third highest daily winnings of the season. (First place is $158,502 that was won on the season premiere.)
  • Fourteen Pricing Games were won this week. That ties the premiere week (September 19-23) for the best weekly result of the season.
  • Five cash games were played this week. Last time that's happened: The premiere week of Season 35.
  • On Monday, Check-Out was played for a car and it was won. It's been a long time since that's happened: Since the start of Season 29, the game had a 0-10 record when it was played for a car.
  • The $29,500 restored Lincoln Continental was also the most expensive prize ever offered in Check-Out. Previous high: A $23,946 Honda Accord on December 15, 2008.
  • Also on Monday, the fifth one bid was a $3,522 trip to Napa Valley - the second most expensive one bid of the season. The most expensive one bid? A $3,571 trip to Napa Valley on September 21.
  • Lucky $even is currently in a tough stretch. Monday was the third straight time (based on actual airdates) where the contestant lost on the third number.
  • The $32,125 Chevrolet Camaro is a nice car, but it was not the most expensive car offered in Lucky $even. The game was played for a $46,573 Cadillac Deville on September 22, 2003 a $45,675 Chevrolet Corvette on June 15, 2007, a $42,345 Cadillac CTS on September 18, 2006 and $32,876 Ford Escape Hybrid on April 22, 2010.
  • On Tuesday, Flip Flop was played fifth, becoming the fourth game this season to be played in all six slots (joining Squeeze Play, Switch? and Side By Side).
  • On Wednesday, Gas Money was won for the fifth time in its history. In four of those playings, the car price wound up being the second most expensive choice out of the five prices (the second least expensive price was the car price in the fifth win).
  • On December 15, Patricia won Cliff Hangers with Hans only taking 6 steps - the best outcome since April 28, 2009 (1 step). On Friday, Kia did her one better by winning Cliff Hangers with two perfect bids and with Hans only taking five steps.
  • Also on Friday, three one bids were won by contestants bidding $1 - the most winning $1 bids in one episode this season.
  • Contestants bidding second have only won 16.21% of one bids so far this season. That's down significantly from the Season 29-39 average of 20.31%.
Comments for the Week of January 9-13
  • Biggest winner this week: Kathleen Martin ($54,200) (January 13)
  • Streaks snapped: Temptation (40 straight losses - previous win was February 13, 2007 - when Bob was still hosting), Money Game (10 straight losses - previous win as September 22, 2011)
  • 17 Pricing Games were won this week (16 if you exclude the $12,000 win in Plinko). Prior to this week, the last time the Pricing Games had a winning week was November 10-14, 2008 (18-12).
  • On Monday, Gas Money was won for the third time this season - the most number of wins for this game in one season. (Previous high: 2 wins in Season 37.)
  • Before December 30, 2011, Gas Money had been won a total of three times in its history. Less than a month later, after three straight wins, Gas Money now has double the number of total wins. In other words, Gas Money is on a very impressive streak!
  • Not only did Tuesday's Temptation snap a ridiculously long losing streak, but it was also the first time since June 3, 2003 where a contestant changed the price of the car after all four gifts were revealed, and then went on to win the car.
  • Temptation has also been played first in 14 out of its past 16 playings.
  • By being played fifth on Tuesday, 1 Right Price became the fifth game to be played in all six slots this season (joining Squeeze Play, Switch?, Side By Side and Flip Flop).
  • On Wednesday, Switch? became the first Pricing Game to be won ten times this season. But since Switch? is also the most frequently played game so far this season (17 playings), you'd expect it to have the most wins!
  • Switch? is also 3-0 this season when played for two trips. Since Season 29, Switch? has been played for two trips 51 times, and has a record of 30-21 in those playings. (By comparison, 1 Right Price has been played for two trips 38 times during this same span and has a record of 18-20.)
  • A one prize game was not played on Wednesday. That's only happened one other time this season: October 14.
  • The five grocery products in Check-Out on Thursday totalled $11.15 - the smallest sum since May 18, 2007 ($7.99).
  • Coming or Going is currently in a funk. The game started the season at 4-0, but has since been lost five straight times to fall below .500. Coming or Going better pick up its socks, or it will end up finishing the season with a losing record for the third time in its (nine year) history.
  • Friday's first Showcase ($19,563) is so far the cheapest Showcase of the season.
  • So far this season, 12 contestants have overbid on their Showcase by less than $1,000. The smallest overbid was $134 on December 1.
Comments for the Week of January 16-20
  • Biggest winner this week: Anthony Glenn II ($32,774) (January 16)
  • We have now reached 300 Pricing Game losses on the season: That's Too Much on Thursday was loss #300. (It was also the twelfth loss for That's Too Much this season - no other game has been lost more)
  • On Monday, Grand Game was won for the fourth time this season. That's already a major improvement over last season (2 wins). And with one more win, Grand Game will equal its best performance since Season 37 (5 wins).
  • Also on Monday, Push Over became the second Pricing Game (after Switch?) to be won ten times this season. With a current record of 10-4 (71.4%), Push Over is well on its way of having its best season ever both in terms of wins (15 in Season 38) and in winning percentage (52% in Season 29).
  • On Wednesday, Stack the Deck was played fourth. Last time that's happened: November 26, 2008.
  • Also on Wednesday, Magdalene (accidentally) asked to have the first digit revealed in Stack the Deck. Last time that's happened: March 16, 2008.
  • So far this season, three contestants got four numbers wrong in Stack the Deck. In all other seasons combined, that's happened only three times (once in seasons 35, 38 and 39).
  • Flip Flop has now been lost 15 straight times (or 38 out of the last 39 playings) when "flipping" and "flopping" was the correct decision.
  • On Friday, Secret "X" was lost fot the first time this season. That leaves Pick-a-Pair (7-0) as the only game that is still undefeated this season.
  • Also on Friday, 1 Wrong Price was played fifth, becoming the sixth game to be played in all six slots this season (joining Squeeze Play, Switch?, Side By Side, Flip Flop and 1 Right Price).
  • The $749 dishwasher offered in 1 Wrong Price was also the cheapest prize offered in this game since $565 luggage was offered on February 10, 2005.
  • Friday's second Showcase had a retail value of $18,349 - the cheapest Showcase sar far this season and the first time a Showcase was less than $19,000. It was also the cheapest Showcase offered since September 21 of last season ($18,272).
  • $17,646 in cash and prizes were won on Friday - by far the smallest daily winnings so far this season. (All other episodes have given away at least $30,000).
Comments for the Week of January 23-27
  • Biggest winner this week: Brenda Denney ($53,603) (January 25)
  • We have now reached 200 Pricing Game wins on the season (if you consider a $10,000+ payday in Plinko as a win). Grocery Game on Friday had the honor of being win #200.
  • Only two Showcases offered a car this week. Prior to this week, an average of five cars were being offered each week (in 83 episodes, 83 Showcases had cars). In other words, this week was well below average. (Also note that the two cars offered were a Chevrolet Cruze and a Fiat Pop.)
  • There were three perfect bids this week. Considering there have only been 10 perfect bids in all other episodes this season, it was a very profitable week for the contestants.
  • The first one bid on Monday was a $3,795 catamaran - the most expensive one bid so far this season and the most expensive prize since October 29, 2010 (a $4,214 bubble chair).
  • Combined, both Showcases on Monday had a retail value of $39,933. That's the cheapest pair of Showcases so far thisseason (and it was the first time the combined Showcase values was less than $40,000) and it was the cheapest Showcases since February 7, 2011 ($38,684).
  • Let 'em Roll was played sixth on Tuesday - that's only happened three other times in the game's history.
  • Also on Tuesday, Shopping Spree was played with a $7,500 shopping limit. That ties the November 8 playing for the largest spending limit ever offered in this game. In addition, the four prizes in Shopping Spree totalled $8,819 - the largest prize package ever offered in this game.
  • On Wednesday, Range Game was lost by $10 - matching a $10 loss that occurred November 14, 2009. It was a tough loss, but it wasn't as bad as $1 losses that happened on December 3, 2003 and February 23, 2004.
  • Now....or Then was played second on Wednesday. Last time that's happened: May 15, 2008. Overall, the game has been played second only three times in the past ten seasons.
  • On Thursday, Balance Game was lost when the correct decision was to use the two smallest bags. Prior to this playing, Balance Game had been won 9 straight times under these conditions.
  • So far this season, Balance Game has a record of 4-4, while Pick-a-Number has a record of 1-7 when its first digit was missing (and is essentially a Balance Game clone). This season appears to be an aberration. Between the date of Balance Game's premiere and the end of Season 39, Balance had a record of 33-52 (38.8%), while Pick-a-Number with the first digit missing had a record of 9-14 (39.1%).
  • One of the prizes offered in Clock Game on Friday was a $499 LCD HDTV. That was one of the cheapest prizes offered in this game since the start of Season 30. Only $498 iPods, offered on October 1, 2009, were cheaper.
  • So far this season, the Pricing Games have a combined winning percentage of 38.26% (202/528). That's a very big improvement over Season 39
    (398/1140 = 34.91%) and Season 38 (415/1140 = 36.40%), but still a bit behind the Season 37 performance (460/1146 = 40.13%).
Comments for the Week of January 30-February 3
  • Biggest winner this week: Angela Dixon ($51,173) (January 31)
  • 18 Pricing Games were won this week - the best weekly performance for the Pricing Games this season.
  • On Monday, Drew did not wear a tie (because he had a sling). The previous time Drew had an open collar (in a non-Halloween episode) was March 8, 2010
  • Also on Monday, Cover Up was lost again, bringing its record to 0-12 for the season. That's one of the worst starts to a season for a non-cash game (Temptation went 0-13 in Season 36). Hopefully the game is won before it approaches marks set by It's in the Bag (0-20 last season) and Punch-a-Bunch (0-24 in Season 38).
  • Contestants have failed to get the fourth digit right in 11 out of the 12 Cover Up playings this season. (The fourth digit has been 1, 2, or 3 in all of these 11 playings. In the twelfth playing, the fourth digit was a 6).
  • The streak has been snapped! On Tuesday's Squeeze Play, there were repeating digits amongst the three choices (83837). In this instance, you had to remove the second "3" in order to win. Prior to Tuesday, it had been 13 straight playings of 4-digit Squeeze Play with repeating digits (since June 19, 2008) where you had to remove the non-repeating digit in order to win.
  • Another streak has been snapped! Amy won Flip Flop on Tuesday by correctly flipping and flopping the wrong price. The last time a contestant won Flip Flop when flipping and flopping was the correct decision: May 31, 2010 (16 playings ago).
  • On Wednesday, Dejoie was not very joyous after landing all four of her Plinko chips in a $0 slot. Last time there was a Plinko shutout: June 10, 2011 (the contestant only had one chip in this playing). Last time there was a Plinko shoutout with four chips: December 10, 2003.
  • Also on Wednesday, Pick-a-Pair was played for a $18,918 trip to China. That was the most expensive non-car prize ever offered in this game (Previous high: A $15,419 bedroom offered last season). In fact, considering Pick-a-Pair was last played for a car in Season 27, it could possibly have been the most expensive prize ever offered in this game.
  • There have now been four contestants this season that have spun $1.00 in a spin-off spin. That already exceeds last season's total of 3.
  • With the win on Friday, Side by Side became the fourth game to be won at least 10 times this season (along with Flip Flop, Push Over and Switch?). Conversely, 10 games have been lost at least 10 times this season (Any Number, Cover Up, Lucky $even, Money Game, Most Expen$ive, 1 Wrong Price, Punch-a-Bunch, Range Game, Squeeze Play, That's Too Much).
  • Switcheroo is struggling. The game is currently mired in a 14 game losing streak and, during this span, 12/14 contestants have failed to win more than one prize.
  • A television has appeared as a prize in 86/93 episodes so far this season.
  • Monthly stats:
    MonthWinningsPricing GamesWheel WinningsCars Won
    AVG: $82,050
    AVG: $67,070
    AVG: $60,900
    AVG: $68,521
    AVG: $70,335
Comments for the Week of February 6-10
  • Biggest winner this week: Celeste Green ($46,415) (February 6)
  • Streaks snapped this week: Coming or Going (6 straight losses - previous win was November 7, 2011),
    Switcheroo (14 straight losses - previous time the car was won was April 5, 2010 - nearly 2 years ago!).
  • Grand Game has now been won six times this season. That's already better than Season 37 (5 wins), Season 38 (4 wins) and Season 39 (2 wins). Can Grand Game keep the streak going and match the number of wins (12) achieved in Season 36?
  • The $3,995 hot tub offered on Monday was the most expensive one bid so far this season.
  • By being played fourth on Wednesday, That's Too Much became the seventh game to be played in all six slots this season (joining Squeeze Play, Switch?, Side by Side, Flip Flop, 1 Right Price and 1 Wrong Price). It's also the first time since Season 38 (Money Game, That's Too Much) where a car game has been played in all six slots in one season.
  • Also on Wednesday, Christian overshot the price of the Mini Cooper in That's Too Much by four prices. Last time that's happened: March 10, 2010. Since the game premiered, only one contestant has done worse: A contestant stopped five prices too soon on May 25, 2007.
  • The four prizes in Shopping Spree on Wednesday totalled $8,978 - the highest prize package ever offered in this game (previous high: $8,819 - from the previous playing of this game).
  • The target in Shopping Spree this week was also $7,250 - quite possibly the first time in the game's history where the target was not an amount rounded to the nearest hundred dollars.
  • For the first time in its history, 1/2 Off was played sixth on Wednesday.
  • On Friday, Switch? became the first game to be played twenty times this season. Switch? is on pace to be played 38 times this season, which would be the highest number of playings for this game in one season (the previous high is 37 in Season 38).
  • While Switch? is being played a lot, it's also being lost a lot more often than normal. With a current winning percentage of 55% (11-9), Switch? is having its second worst season in the past twelve years (only Season 38, with a 18-19 record, was worse). This season's win rate is also well below the mark of 63.8% achieved between Seasons 29 and 39.
  • In each of the past 11 Showcase rounds, the second Showcase has been more expensive. (Not surprisingly, the top winner wound up passing the first Showcase in 10 of these rounds.)
  • With 13 out of 30 Pricing Games being won this week, the season's overall win rate has increased to 39.46%. A 16/30 next week would bring the overall rate above 40%. That would be quite the accomplishment - the last time the win rate was above 40% this late in a season was in Season 37.
Comments for the Week of February 13-17
  • Biggest winner this week: Brandy Hubbard ($46,194) (February 16)
  • On Monday, Bonus Game was played for a car AND it was played perfectly (all four windows were won). Last time that's happened: February 13, 2007.
  • On Tuesday, there was a $352 difference between both prizes offered in 1 Right Price. That's the smallest difference since at least Season 36.
  • On Thursday, Brandy was only $164 away from the actual retail price of the car in Card Game. That's the closest bid in this game in the past ten seasons. (Previous best: $205 on March 26, 2008)
  • On Friday, Hi-Lo was played for a vintage car for the first time in its history. With the final, the record has improved to 8-9 when Pricing Games are played for a restored car.
    (Bonus Game 0-3, Check-Out 0-1, Hi-Lo 1-0, Hole in One 1-1, Let 'em Roll 3-2, Pass the Buck 1-1, Rat Race 1-0, Spelling Bee 1-1)
  • Neither Most Expen$ive nor 1 Wrong Price were played this week. Last time both games got the week off (in a five episode week): May 14-18, 2010.
  • Six two prize games were played this week (1 Right Price, 2 for the Price of 1, Clock Game, Make Your Move, Switch?, Safe Crackers). Last time that's happened: September 20-24, 2010.
  • Prior to this week, Showcase #2 had been the higher priced in 13 out of the past 14 Showcase rounds. That trend quickly reversed - Showcase #1 was higher priced in 4 out of the 5 Showcase rounds this week.
  • One contestant overbid on his or her Showcase in eight out of the past ten Showcase rounds.
  • With $4,000 being won on Monday, $36,000 has now been won in It's in the Bag this season. That's already more than what was won in all of last season ($32,000).
  • With $5,000 being won on Tuesday, $24,850 has now been won in Punch-a-Bunch this season. That's already more than what was won in Season 39 ($22,400) and in Season 38 ($20,550).
  • With $11,000 being won on Thursday, $101,100 has now been won in Plinko this season. Plinko passed the six digit mark after 14 playings this season, compared to 17 in Season 39, 17 in Season 38, 19 in Season 37 and 11 in Season 36.
  • With Grand Game also ahead of last year's total cash winnings ($60,021 vs. $20,531), suffice to say the cash games have rebounded nicely from last season's dismal performance.
  • Tuesday was the 100th episode of the season. (Technically, it was the 101st since the preempted episode from October 7 has not yet aired.) Currently, One Away (+6), Side by Side (+6), Balance Game (+5) and Bonus Game (+5) are all on pace to have significant increases in play over last season. On the other hand, Cliff Hangers (-6), Freeze Frame (-6), Cover Up (-5), It's in the Bag (-5) and Lucky $even (-5) are on pace to have significant decreases in play over last season.
  • Freeze Frame (+3) and Temptation (+3) have been played significantly more often in the past 50 episodes compared to the first 50 episodes of the season. On the other hand, Grocery Game (-3), Magic # (-3) and Money Game (-3) have had singificant decreases in play in the past 50 episodes.
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Comments for the Week of February 20-24
  • Biggest winner this week: Percy Smith ($37,724) (February 23)
  • It was not a good week in terms of winning:
    • Only 7 Pricing Games were won - the worst performance for a five day week this season (it should be noted that the Pricing Games went 3-15 on the three day Thanksgiving week).
    • Approximately $258,335 was won - the lowest total for a five day week this season.
    • All 10 Pricing Games played for a car were lost. (This also happened on the week of October 17-21.)
  • On a more positive note, five contestans won at least $1,000 in the Showcase Showdowns this week. Only the week of October 3-7 (with one episode still unaired) had as many $1.00 spins.
  • In the past 3 playings of 1/2 Off, the small prize to the left has been "half off" all nine times.
  • Both zero cards were found in Tuesday's Pocket ¢hange. That was not the first time this unlucky event occurred - it also happened on May 4, 2009 and February 11, 2010.
  • Wednesday was the first time in ten playings where the contestant wound up picking the least expensive prize in Swap Meet. Unfortunately, it was also the first time in ten playings where the contestant didn't have to swap with the least expensive prize in order to win. As a result, Swap Meet's losing streak has now been extended to 10 games. It has been over a calendar year since this game was won.
  • Also on Wednesday, William failed to win his Showcase despite missing it by a mere $542. That's the closest bid for a non-Showcase winner since May 14, 2010 ($483).
  • Pick-a-Number was played third on Wednesday, becoming the eighth game to be played in all six slots this season (joining Squeeze Play, Switch?, Side by Side, Flip Flop, 1 Right Price, 1 Wrong Price and That's Too Much).
  • Thursday was the first time ever where a contestant won three rats in Rat Race, but failed to win the car (Rat Race was 3-0 prior to this playing under these conditions).
  • Grand Game's target price on Friday was $10.00 - the third highest amount in the game's history. Only the May 18, 2009 ($13.00 - lost) and the April 24, 2007 ($11.00 - won) had a higher target price. (A $10.00 target price was also offered on April 29, 2004 - this playing was won.)
  • Bonus Game has already been played nine times this season. Bonus Game is on pace to be played 15-16 times this
    season, which would be the most playings since Season 16 (Bonus Game has never been played more than 10 times in one season since Season 16.)
  • Flip Flop has already been played twenty-one times this season. (Only Switch? has been played more). At this pace, Flip Flop will be played 36-37 times this season - easily the most number of playings for this game in one season (previous high: 33 in Season 39).
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